FACT Report: May 13, 2015

Why is Marriage Fundamental? (May 13, 2015)

During oral arguments in the Supreme Court on the issue of marriage, Justice Sotomayor said that the Court’s analysis should start with the question, “Is marriage fundamental?” Unfortunately, neither she nor any of the other Justices nor the attorneys arguing the case answered the question.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word “fundamental” means something that “serves as an original or generating source.” Obviously, what made marriage, as historically defined, fundamental is its function as the “generating source” of children. Just as obviously same-sex couples cannot share in that fundamental function in the same way as a man and a woman. That’s why marriage never included same-sex couples but has always required a man and a woman.

As we await a ruling, let’s continue to pray our Court doesn’t get the answer to Justice Sotomayor’s question fundamentally wrong.

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