FACT Report: March 6, 2013

Christians Should Not Apply (March 6, 2013)

Tennessee legislators will soon decide whether accreditation for public college counseling programs trumps religious liberty. There is Increasingly hostility in these programs to Christianity, some in the country forcing students to counsel contrary to their religious beliefs regarding marriage. Senate Bill 514 will make sure that doesn’t happen in Tennessee’s public colleges.

But a recent email by one opposition group said if students weren’t “comfortable” with the American Psychological Associations’ guidelines, “then they should not apply to an APA-accredited .. program….”

Sadly that is the attitude our Founding Fathers sought to escape: a state religion and leadership with the attitude that you could just leave if you didn’t like it.

Now the established religion is secular humanism and if Christians don’t like it they can leave.

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SB 514 / HB 1185: Protects Religious Liberty in Certain College Degree Programs