FACT Report: March 28, 2012

Things are Moving Fast in the Tennessee Legislature (Mar 28, 2012)

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Tennessee’s legislature is in full swing with dozens of bills being voted on each week.

Some very important bills are being debated right now: Senate Bill 3310 would bring much-needed reforms to sex education in Tennessee’s schools, while House Bill 3597 would ensure religious freedom for student groups on Tennessee’s public college campuses.

Another bill, the Teacher Protection Academic Freedom Bill, is on its way to the Governor to be signed into law.

These bills, and others like them, will likely impact someone in your family, but we know that the legislative process can be confusing at times. So it’s important to have someone you can trust looking out for your interests, and that’s why we’re here.

Stay informed about the ongoing battles over family values in Tennessee. Go to our website where you can learn more about bills that will impact your family.