FACT Report: March 23, 2016

Ron Ramsey’s Historic Example (March 23, 2016)

Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey’s decision to not seek re-election brings an historic era in Tennessee politics to an end.

As Senate Republican Caucus Leader, he led Republicans to a majority position in the state Senate and as Lt. Governor led the Senate to a point in which two-thirds of that body is now Republican. Undoubtedly, his Senate leadership helped the Republican Party gain control of the state House, too.

But his tenure is historic for another reason. Most political leaders do not leave a position of such power on their own volition, but the values of faith and family that led Lieutenant Governor Ramsey to enter politics were the ones that led him back home.

We commend him for his service and we commend him for providing an example to those who follow – don’t let power overcome your priorities.

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