FACT Report: March 16, 2016

Is House Bill 1412 Prudent? (March 16, 2016)

Prudence says that zeal without knowledge is NOT good, and the prudent do not back themselves into a corner.

That’s why many are concerned with Tennessee House Bill 1412, which is a laudable effort to legislatively protect marriage.

Unfortunately, it is based on the idea that a state legislature can just ignore federal court rulings it doesn’t agree with. But if the bill passes, the state will be sued in federal district court and most likely lose. Then what can the legislature do?

Legislation as the first option becomes our final option. That’s why state court lawsuits have been filed. State judges can force the marriage issue back to the Supreme Court where its lawless opinion can be reversed.

But if this doesn’t happen, then legislation becomes our best and final option rather than our first and only option.

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