FACT Report: March 13, 2013

Media Bias Exposed (March 13, 2013)

The big news in Tennessee last week was a bill that keeps the state from appearing to sanction discrimination by “partnering” with organizations that deny people their civil rights.

This is not a new concept in Tennessee.

This bill prohibits the state from deputizing as full-fledged police officers, employees of a college that excludes from campus religious student organizations that require their members and officers to share that religion’s beliefs

But because one of those colleges is Vanderbilt, the newspapers said it was an “attack on [Vanderbilt’s] police powers.”

However, if you know all the facts, you have to ask why the newspapers didn’t accuse Vanderbilt of initiating “an attack “on student religious organizations?

The answer is media bias against Christian groups, and it’s a reminder to look behind the headlines if you want the truth.

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