FACT Report: March 12, 2014

The Real Answer to Sex Week (March 12, 2014)

Tennessee legislators have rightly been concerned about the educational message that Sex Week at UT Knoxville sent to our young people, but anything the legislature does to “fix” Sex Week is more of a topical solution than a remedy to the disease of the sex-is-nothing-but-biology philosophy of today.  What is needed is more men and women who are living out monogamous, healthy marriages, providing a picture of a kind of relational beauty that even the most cynical person would recognize and that would tug at the deep longing we all have for an intimacy enhanced by strong emotional bonds and the security of mutual commitment.

We debase something really beautiful when we reduce it to nothing but biology.

The best “argument” against things like Sex Week to provide examples of intimate relational beauty for our youth to see.

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