FACT Report: June 4, 2014

Advertisement Ignites a Debate (June 4, 2014)

Full or near full-page advertisements against Amendment 1 to Tennessee’s Constitution to be voted on in November recently ran in the lead newspapers in Tennessee’s four largest cities. The advertisement ignited a controversy because it depicted those who support the pro-life amendment as part of the “Tennessee Taliban” and some of the advertisement even showed a man in a turban standing over a prostrate woman with one foot on her shoulder.

Ironically it is the advertisers who seem to prefer a dictatorial type political process. They seem to prefer the tyranny of a judicial dictatorship. However, the amendment is about using the democratic process created by our republican form of government whereby we, the governed, get to vote on how we should handle issues that affect us. And that is not a philosophy of government the Taliban would embrace.

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