FACT Report: June 29, 2016

Winning the Debate Through Beautiful Marriages (June 29, 2016)

One year ago, the Supreme Court created a right to same-sex “marriage,” which raised the stakes for supporters of biblical marriage to demonstrate why the decision was wrongly decided.

More often than not, we descend into debates, arguing that logic and reason favor traditional marriage. But with truth today determined by feelings, not facts, perhaps we should treat the issue more like a beauty contest than a debate. We still need to make logical arguments for marriage, but most likely winning minds will take more than words. If we want to “win” the debate, we would do well to demonstrate the beauty of marriage done God’s way.

This will take work on our part, as the Church’s record on divorce makes clear. But if we’ll recommit ourselves to beautiful marriages, then eventually God’s truth will win the day.

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