FACT Report: June 26, 2013

Academic Bullying in TN Colleges (June 26, 2013)

Many Tennesseans don’t really know how liberal some of the departments in our state’s public colleges are.

Last week Alliance Defending Freedom issued a press release highlighting the kind of liberal “academic bullying” that takes place in at least some of our public colleges.

As part of a class assignment, the lead psychology professor at Columbia State Community College, in Columbia, Tennessee, made her students wear around campus a rainbow colored ribbon indicating support for the homosexual political agenda. And she instructed them to tell others, if asked about the ribbon, that they supported  the homosexual community and their rights.

That is government compelled speech, a violation of the First Amendment.  Legislation to address compelled speech in psychology departments was delayed by the state House last session.  Hopefully this incident will convince them to take action next year.

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