FACT Report: June 15, 2016

Calling Out the Real Bullies (June 15, 2016)

After the bill protecting the liberty rights of professional counselors passed, some opponents of the bill called for “boycotts” of Tennessee, but a recent editorial against the bill criticized the boycott efforts because they “empower the bullies.”

What? The alleged bullies the editorialist was referring to were the legislators who supported the counselor’s right of conscience. Wouldn’t a “bully” in this case be someone who wanted to try to force counselors to violate their conscience or face financial harm? Of course! And that is precisely what the author and the boycotters were advocating for.

In a verbal “sleight of hand” the real bullies are trying to pin the bully label on those who actually resisted their efforts to bully counselors and the legislators who supported them. It is time we recognized just who are the real bullies.

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