FACT Report: June 11, 2014

Marriage is More than a Status (June 11, 2014)

With Nashville on the verge of becoming the 4th city in Tennessee to extend benefits to two people in a same-sex relationship, we need to make our politicians explain why we should treat those relationships like a marriage.

Proponents of same-sex benefits usually view marriage as simply a status to which the law provides certain benefits. Then they argue that it’s not fair for some to get those benefits and not others.

But society didn’t “create” marriage for the purpose of giving benefits to some and not others. Rather, “marriage” is the name that societies worldwide have given to a unique relationship between men and women that provides particular benefits to society that no other relationship between two people can provide. 

Since same-sex relationships don’t provide to society what marriage provides, we should not treat them the same either.

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