FACT Report: June 10, 2015

Good News on Abortion Numbers (June 10, 2015)

It seems like bad news has been coming in waves for social conservatives, but a recent Associated Press survey of all the states that compile comprehensive abortion data is encouraging.

Since 2010 abortions have declined in nearly all the states, even in states with weak prolife laws. There are as many explanations for the drop as there are people offering them, but certainly one factor is the proliferation of prolife laws.

The pro-abortion research group, Guttmacher Institute, reports that 267 abortion restrictions have been enacted in 31 states since 2011. And those laws that protect women have contributed to the closure of 70 abortion clinics in a dozen states.

With the recent passage of prolife laws made possible by the passage of Amendment 1 last November, Tennesseans can only hope that we, too, will see a decline in abortions.

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