The Power of Redefining Words

The Power of Redefining Words (June 1, 2016)

The liberal movement, to their credit, has been masterful when it comes to redefining words and how they are to be understood by society.  For example, the term “homosexual,” which once referred to a limited group of people,   has given way to the concept of “sexual orientation” which is now applies to everyone.  The idea being that if everyone has a sexual orientation, then behavior in accordance with one’s “orientation” is natural and acceptable.  If the term “gender identity” takes the same path and receives legal protections, giving everyone a “gender identity” just like they have a “sexual orientation,” we will have effectively eliminated any male and female designation in society.  From privacy in locker rooms to the extinction of women’s-only sports teams, the power of those allowed to redefine words and their meanings will change society.

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