FACT Report: July 8, 2015

Reminding the Supreme Court (July 8, 2015)

Supreme Court Justice Scalia, in dissenting from the recent marriage decision, wrote:

“Hubris is sometimes defined as o’erweening pride; and pride, we know, goeth before a fall. … With each decision of ours that takes from the People a question properly left to them—with each decision that is unabashedly based not on law, but on the “reasoned judgment” of a bare majority of this Court—we move one step closer to being reminded of our impotence.”

Americans needed that reminder, because it is past time for us to remind our federal judges that their authority flows from Almighty God through “we the people.” In the days ahead, we need to find ways to “remind them of their impotence” if they think it is their prerogative to overrule millennia of thinking regarding marriage and the votes of millions of Americans.

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