FACT Report: July 31, 2014

The President and the Roman Emperors (July 31, 2014)

Last week the President signed an executive order that requires all federal contractors, including charitable religious organizations ministering to the poor, to make those who express gender confusion in the workplace and those who engage in homosexual acts a “protected class” of employees.

By making no exception for any religious beliefs, the President has made it clear he believes the state, through civil government, and not God, is the final authority on good and evil.

Such a belief was also held by the Roman emperors, who made allegiance to anything higher than the state an act of treason. Though Roman Christians suffered, history tells us that God, not the state, ultimately prevailed.

So, when people say those with a biblical sexual ethics are on the wrong side of history, they have most likely forgotten the history of the Roman empire.

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