FACT Report: July 24, 2013

When the Court Insults God (July 24, 2013)

In striking down part of the Defense of Marriage Act, a majority of the Supreme Court said that, in their judgment, to define marriage as one man and one woman was to “demean” homosexual couples and nothing but a “bare desire … to harm a politically unpopular group.”

Many objected to such attitudes being attributed to the overwhelming majority of Congressmen and the President who supported the Act.  But it is not political leaders who should be insulted, but God Himself, who cannot but be insulted by the audacity of these five judges who unwittingly said that God’s desire in designing marriage was to demean and harm others.

Marriage was designed by God to glorify Himself, and it is only the Goodness of God that, for now, keeps these Justices and our nation from experiencing His judgment.