FACT Report: July 13, 2016

Don’t Worry. God is Pleased (July 13, 2016)

State of the country got you down? Psalm 115:3 says, “Our God is in heaven and He does whatever He pleases.” That means what is going on in our country is pleasing to God in one sense – an ultimate sense – His purposes are being accomplished.

That doesn’t mean things aren’t bad, but history shows us that many “bad” things were just God acting to bring about something better.

For example, the tabernacle on which God descended gave way to the Temple which God destroyed when He came to dwell in us! Perhaps God is now removing what has been good to bring about something better.

Whatever the case, we need to remember that our hope is not in what we see going on around us but in Him who sees all that is going on around us.

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