FACT Report: January 8, 2014

O’Reilly, Duck Dynasty and the Truth (January  8, 2014)

The recent controversy involving Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, made many of us stop and reflect on our Biblical values and how we express them. Even national cable newsman Bill O’Reilly did, taking Mr. Robertson to task for being judgmental, which O’Reilly thought contrary to Christianity.

However, Mr. O’Reilly forgot that God himself is “judgmental” and that Jesus instructed his followers to “judge with righteous judgment.” And if Scripture is God’s word, then simply to repeat what Scripture itself says about various behaviors and attitudes is to express God’s judgment, not our own.

Contrary to what Mr. O’Reilly concluded – that sharing what Scripture says with others demeans and disrespects them – we actually show how much we value and respect others when we’re willing to tell them the truth found in God’s word.

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