FACT Report: January 28, 2015

Vanderbilt’s History of Hypocrisy (January 28, 2015)

When a Vanderbilt University professor pointed out “the dangers of radical Islam” in a recent Tennessean editorial, the University sent out an official campus-wide email saying it didn’t want its Muslim students to feel “unwelcome or unsafe.”

That’s a bit surprising. A few years ago, the University didn’t make the campus Christian organizations feel “welcome” if they believed sex was only for a married man and woman. They were kicked off campus.

Ironically, a Muslim listed as an adjunct professor later said publicly that he agreed with Islam that homosexuals deserved the death penalty.

Interestingly no “official email” went out assuring homosexuals they were welcome and safe.

Perhaps the University thought it had done enough for them by previously kicking the “homophobic Christians” off campus.

If you think about it, the University’s hypocritical view of tolerance is almost funny.

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