FACT Report: January 21, 2015

Tennessee Legislature Begins With A Bang (January 21, 2015)

The 109th General Assembly convened last week with a “bang,” literally. As all the members, surrounded by family, friends, and supporters, gathered to be sworn in, about 30 abortion supporters came inside the Capitol and literally pounded a drum and chanted, “My Body. My Choice.” The many first-time visitors to the Capitol got a “dose of reality” about politics.

But soon those legislators will get another “dose of reality” about politics when they return in two weeks for a special session on the Governor’s proposed expansion of Tennessee’s version of Medicaid, allowed under Obamacare. While there were no “drums,” the rhetoric between some House and Senate leaders about which chamber should vote on the legislation first was pretty strong.

Between legislation on abortion and expanding Medicaid, it looks like this coming session could get quite noisy quite fast.

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