FACT Report: February 13, 2013

Killing the Goliath (February 13, 2013)

Once we had the Ten Commandments. Now there are 10 Chapters in Tennessee’s law governing taxes!  There are so many laws that today, if you buy a real slingshot, you have to show your driver’s license. Since David of the Bible may not have been old enough to get a driver’s license, if he lived today, he might not have been able to own the slingshot that killed Goliath. Today Goliath is “living” in the form of excessive government regulation!  That’s where a new bill in Tennessee creating the Office of the Repealer, paid from existing funds, might be helpful.  Its purpose to find and recommend the repeal of regulations that are unreasonable or unnecessary.  Let’s hope the new law is as effective at killing Goliath today as David was back then.

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David Fowler commentary  Killing the Goliath

SB 595/HB 500 (by Johnson and Casada) to create the Office of the Repealer