FACT Report: February 10, 2016

The Gay Marriage 2nd Amendment Connection (February 10, 2016)

In last year’s Supreme Court decision finding a right to same-sex “marriage,” the Court said that “new insights and societal understandings” cannot only give rise to new constitutional rights, but can be used to reinterpret existing rights.

If that’s true, then expect opponents of the Second Amendment to someday use that philosophy to strike down handgun carry permit laws.

The argument is simple. Given our increasingly violent society, the Court could say we now understand that the Fourth Amendment right to be secure in one’s person must extend to public places, and that right is violated if people are allowed to carry guns in public places.

While it sounds preposterous, so did court-mandated same-sex “marriage” ten years ago. We must appreciate the fact that the Court’s same-sex “marriage” ruling may we also care about.

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