FACT Report: December 9, 2015

The Grinch Comes to UT (December 9, 2015)

University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion is at it again and just in time to spread a little of the Grinch spirit across campus.

You’ll recall the national embarrassment the Office created this fall when a memo suggested everyone stop using potentially disrespectful pronouns like “he” and “she.” But now UT wants to make sure that no one’s Christmas celebration offends anyone.

The Office’s website advisory encouraged employees to “ensure your holiday party is not a Christmas party in disguise.” The post went on to explain how to make sure folks could avoid offending people by not having “secret Santa” themed parties. Who would have guessed that “Santa” was dripping with potentially offensive Christian connotations that might offend someone?

Maybe the Office itself wouldn’t cause so much offense if it was defunded in next year’s budget.

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