FACT Report: December 4, 2013

Atheists Attempt to Dehumanize Christmas (December 4, 2013)

Can an atheist group that promotes man’s ability to bring goodwill to others manage to steal Christmas gifts from needy children?

Because Operation Christmas Child was a Christian-based effort, the American Humanist Association bullied a South Carolina public school into shutting down the campaign intended to collect necessities and gifts to fill shoeboxes for delivery to poor children throughout the world.  Not surprisingly, Humanists had no plan of their own to help the needy children they deprived.  So much for goodwill.

Here’s the happy ending: ambitious students offered a lesson in humanity.  They organized collection points along public sidewalks, filled trucks and celebrated with a religious rally while fulfilling their mission.  As the Humanists were using their money to hire lawyers to make a legal point, God’s people found a way to give … and show His love to others.

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