FACT Report: December 31, 2014

Are Children Just Commodities (December 31, 2014)

We just celebrated the birth of Jesus to a “single mom.” In Bible times, that was a scandal, but now it’s commonplace. Increasingly, unmarried women are having babies—and it is not all the result of unplanned, crisis pregnancies.

The pregnancies in question are those where there is no intention to provide a child with a relationship to one of his or her biological parents. Single women are simply going to sperm banks to “get” a father for their baby. This may satisfy the “needs” of the adult, but what about the child? Doesn’t the child have any rights?

Before the idea that children are a “commodity” to enhance a single adult’s lifestyle takes too firm a root, we must think about the ethical implications of what we’re doing. And in January FACT will ask the Tennessee legislature to do just that.


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