FACT Report: December 23, 2015

Pro-Life Amendment 1 Secures a Victory (December 23, 2015)

Last November, voters approved Amendment 1 to Tennessee’s constitution, which allowed their legislature to re-enact laws regulating abortion that our state Supreme Court said had somehow violated our state constitution.

But shortly thereafter, abortion proponents filed suit in federal court to stop the Amendment. They argued that the state had not counted the votes in the manner required by the state constitution.

Thankfully, the state took action to protect life and filed its own action in state court to ask the state court to determine whether the votes were counted correctly. Abortion advocates asked the state court to defer to the federal court proceeding and, thankfully, last week, the state judge said, “No. The state court action will proceed.”

That’s great news. But even better is the fact that the federal judge has now suspended the federal lawsuit.

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