FACT Report: December 18, 2013

Where Will You Shop? (December 18, 2013)

If you think the legal battles being fought by Christian business owners don’t matter to you, think again.  These legal outcomes might just determine where you do your future Christmas shopping.

Court rulings in separate states in discrimination cases against Christian business owners reveal the increasing antagonism toward those whose beliefs about homosexuality are politically incorrect.

And next year in Hobby Lobby’s case against ObamaCare, the Supreme Court will decide whether private business can follow their pro-life convictions. Losing this case could force the national retailer to close.

Christians will feel the consequences if business owners are made to choose between violating their beliefs or shutting down their business.

If Christians don’t fight for their religious liberty now, they may find fewer businesses where they can shop and someday, maybe even fewer businesses willing to serve them.

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