FACT Report: December 11, 2013

Helping the Un-helplesss at Taxpayer Expense (December 11, 2013)

When politicians decide to help the un-helpless at taxpayers’ expense, voters will react.  In Chattanooga, about ten thousand voters signed a petition to stop an ordinance funding health insurance benefits for domestic partners of city employees.  It would have cost taxpayers thousands annually to help a group – unmarried couples living together – that never asked for help.

These couples could receive benefits under city policies if they committed to a legal marriage.  In reality, their lack of benefits was their voluntary choice.

But some council members ignored spending concerns to push a social agenda, and conservative groups took action. Their petition’s overwhelming support shows conscientious reasoning beyond just religious fundamentalism.  Reminding politicians that fiscal sanity won’t be sacrificed for feel-good politics; AND government officials are accountable to the people.

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