FACT Report: December 10, 2014

Little Laws, Big Results (December 10, 2014)

Sometimes conservatives worry about the big bad law that will change everything and they wind up finding everything’s changed because of inattention to little laws that eventually pave the way for the one they were worried about to begin with.

For example, Minnesota last week adopted a rule that allows students to play on any athletic team that corresponds to how they “perceive” their gender instead of biological reality. The rule didn’t happen over night. Anti-bullying laws, like the ones introduced annually in Tennessee, led the way by making gender, not sex, the protected characteristic. And what started in Minnesota’s classrooms has now bled over to its locker rooms. 

So, conservatives, keep your eye on the ball. Don’t just worry about the big, bad bill. A multitude of seemingly innocuous little ones can someday lead to the same result.

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