FACT Report: August 8, 2012


Somebody Should Do Something! (August 8, 2012)

Somebody should do something! 

We’ve all said that out of frustration about what goes on in government. But, in America, real change in government starts at the ballot box. The primary elections in Tennessee are over now, but for the next twelve weeks, candidates will be working constantly  until Election Day in November.  Now is your chance to be that “somebody” who makes a difference in government.

Use the resources on our website to find a candidate you can support and get involved: volunteer to walk a precinct, make some phone calls or put out yard signs. That is the real work of getting the right people elected.

Some people just talk about change, but when you put your time and energy into a campaign, come November, you’ll be that somebody who really did something to make Tennessee a better place!

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