FACT Report: August 6, 2014

Un-Defining Marriage (August 6, 2014)

This week three judges on the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments on the constitutionality of Tennessee’s definition of marriage.  

However, the real issue isn’t constitutional, but simply the definition of marriage. If marriage is between a man and a woman, then two people of the same sex are not being denied the right to marry. By definition, their relationship is not a marriage. 

But those arguing for same-sex marriage are actually arguing to un-define marriage. If marriage has disconnected from biology, then there is no reason that marriage should be limited to two people. After all, any number of people can claim they are in love, and if so, how could they be denied the right to marry? 

If same-sex marriage proponents win, then marriage can mean anything . . . which means it will mean nothing at all.

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