FACT Report: August 21, 2013

Bigotry and Intolerance on Display in TN (August 21, 2013)

The same sex marriage debate recently came to a head in Collegedale, a small city outside Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The city council voted to extend health insurance coverage to a city employee’s “domestic partner”, despite opposition from an overwhelming majority of citizens present for the vote, But, the City only did so for those who had proof of a same sex marriage, not to all persons in some kind of “committed” domestic partnership. Hypocritically, the council wanted to grant moral equivalence to some relationships outside the bounds of natural, heterosexual marriage, but not others.

And the basis for that supposed equivalence — love and commitment — they would not apply to everyone fairly and equally. In not doing so, the City Council showed their intolerance toward all loving and committed relationships and their disdain for marriage.

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