FACT Report: August 20, 2014

Are Today’s Politicians Up To The Task? (August 20, 2014)

Last week the Navy said it was replacing certain vessels with a new design because of changes in modern warfare. Similarly, political “warfare” has changed, and many of today’s Christian politicians don’t seem equipped for the job.

In the past, Christian and non-Christians politicians more or less shared a set of fundamental beliefs, the divide being how to apply those beliefs to a particular problem.  

But today the dividing line is whether we believe there is a God who intervenes in time and space to hold men and governments accountable for unjust and unrighteous judgments.

Unfortunately, Christian politicians who are not trained to know how to challenge those politicians who hold to the prevailing God-is-dead-or-irrelevant view of the universe won’t cut it any more. And if the church doesn’t train them or know how to, then America may be sunk.

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