FACT Report: August 19, 2015

Can a Conservative President Fix the Supreme Court? (August 19, 2015)

With Republicans focusing on presidential candidates, one has to ask if conservatives are going to fall for the same kind of thinking about presidential elections that has failed in the past.

For example, many rightly worry about constitutional abuses by the Supreme Court and think that by electing the right president we’ll get new conservative Justices.

But to think that is to forget that the U.S. Senate must confirm those nominated, and a Republican Senate that can’t figure out how to defund Planned Parenthood after the latest scandal regarding the sale of fetal tissue is one that can stymie even the best of presidents.

After all, when President Reagan couldn’t get conservative jurist Robert Bork through the Senate, he had to settle for Justice Kennedy, who just redefined marriage. So don’t expect a new president alone to fix the Court.

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