FACT Report: August 14, 2013

Gay Advocates Have Explaining to Do (August 14, 2013)

Last week same-sex couples in four Tennessee counties applied for and were denied marriage licenses.  That means lawsuits to force same-sex marriage on Tennessee will soon follow.

But same-sex marriage advocates need to prove to us that redefining marriage will improve our common good.  And if they want “marriage equality,” then they bear the burden to prove that a same-sex union is essentially the same as a heterosexual union in all regards.

If they can’t, then there is nothing “unequal” about treating different things different ways.

But when you boil it all down, same sex marriage rest on the belief that men and women are the same apart from anatomy. That’s why talk of gender equality has escalated along with the talk of same sex marriage.

But when seen in that light, most Tennesseans will find their arguments unpersuasive.

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