FACT Report: April 9, 2014

Is Progressivism Really Progress? (April 9, 2014)

When The Family Action Council’s President recently upgraded the operating system on his computer, functions that had worked suddenly didn’t work any more.  Perhaps it is a modern-day parable about what we call “progressivism” which says “out with the old” of biblical morality and “in with the new.” But progressivism really isn’t new.  The prophet Jeremiah warned Judah of God’s coming judgment, and it was because, in his words, they “stumbled from their ways, the ancient paths.”  Like us, Judah “progressed” beyond the antiquated ways of their forefathers. So as we dispense with the sacred words that flamed the fires of liberty upon which our forefathers forged America, we might do well to consider the example of the computer – when all our “progress” comes to an end, will we function right any more.

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