FACT Report: April 22, 2015

Two Things the Supreme Court Can’t Say (April 22, 2015)

Two recent events make clear two reasons the Supreme Court cannot give if it rules that Tennessee’s marriage laws are unconstitutional.

One asserted reason for striking down marriage laws is that homosexuals are a “suspect class” of citizens who need special protection from laws that would “discriminate” against them. Historically, a group must be viewed as  “politically powerless” to get special protection, but the lightning speed at which Indiana’s political leaders gutted their recently enacted religious liberty law when homosexuals threatened a state boycott shows they are certainly not politically powerless.

A second reason they cannot give is that America seems ready for same-sex “marriage.” With twenty-four states filing briefs supporting real marriage, that reason seems gone, too.

While the Justices may rule against marriage, we at least know two reasons they cannot credibly use to justify their decision.

Please pray for the institution of marriage. Next Tuesday, April 28th, is when the U. S. Supreme court will hear oral arguments about the constitutionality of marriage laws in our state, as well as in KY, MI, and Ohio.

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