FACT Report: April 18, 2012

Election vs. Appointment of Judges (April 18, 2012)

Does it matter to you who sits on the Tennessee Supreme Court?

It should because these state judges decide what your constitutional rights are or are not, based on how they interpret the state constitution.

But did you know that the state Senate just passed a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would allow the establishment of an unelected and therefore unaccountable commission to determine who can serve on our Supreme Court.

Probably not. Most mainstream media are too busy talking about the so-called “monkey bill” or the “saggy pants” bill.

But when people learn that an appointed commission could forever be in control of who can be on our Supreme Court , most don’t like the idea.

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See David Fowler’s commentary on why the issue of judge selection really does matter to Tennesseans.

“The bottom line is that when voters know what’s at stake, they care. And if this amendment gets on the ballot, then everybody is going to know about the issue. And they will probably want to know who voted to put on the ballot an amendment that would take their rights away.”