FACT Report: April 16, 2014

Politics in the Workplace (April 16, 2014)

In the aftermath of the forced “resignation” of Brendan Eich as CEO of Mozilla Corporation, some conservatives commended him for never bringing his political beliefs about marriage into the workplace. But is it really good that the leader of a business is able to leave such political beliefs aside when he comes to work?

Unlike beliefs about the best brand of ice cream, political beliefs about marriage flow from beliefs that go to the very core of how we see God, man, and the world. Aren’t those the kinds of beliefs that should influence the decisions we make, regardless of the context in which those decisions are made?

Thankfully many owners of smaller businesses are standing up for marriage, even at risk of financial loss. When they do, let’s support them, and pray that more will follow their lead.

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Read more about this issue in David Fowler’s recent commentary Does Mozilla Have the Right to be Intolerant?

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