FACT Report: April 15, 2015

Giving Apple the Law It Wants (April 15, 2015)

When Apple’s Tim Cook said the Indiana Religious Freedom (RFRA) law was bad because it might allow a Christian to not bake a cake for a same-sex “wedding,” why didn’t anyone ask him why it was okay for his business to exclude the Manhattan Declaration’s app in support of marriage, life, and religious liberty from his i-Tunes store?

Apparently, Mr. Cook hasn’t thought about whether the power of government to force some people to convey messages they don’t agree with could ever be applied to him.

The default position for Christians is to “turn the other cheek,” but the Apostle Paul did assert his rights under Roman law when they were violated.

Perhaps if Christians begin to ask judges to apply to Mr. Cook and some of his friends the law they think they want, they just might think again.

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