FACT Report: April 11, 2012

Protections for Tennessee Businesses Defended! (April 11, 2012)

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Last year the Tennessee General Assembly passed House Bill 600, the Equal Access to Intrastate Commerce Act. This law prevents cities and counties from imposing on private businesses non-discrimination policies that go beyond the protected classes covered under state and federal law.

Homosexual activists immediately launched a nationwide effort to persuade the Governor to veto it, but the effort failed and the bill was signed into law.

Earlier this year, Senator Jim Kyle of Memphis brought a bill that would have repealed House Bill 600.  But last week Senator Kyle’s bill was defeated in the Senate State and Local Government committee. That’s very good news for Tennessee businesses!

Go to our website to see a list of those Senators who voted to uphold HB 600 and protect Tennessee businesses from demands from cities and counties that would hinder business growth.

See how the Senators voted on the effort to repeal HB 600