FACT Report: April 10, 2013

Gays Protest Vandy’s Non-Discrimination Policy (April 10, 2013)

Gay students at Vanderbilt University are complaining about their treatment by some of the officially recognized student groups on campus.  But how can this be?  After all, last fall, Vanderbilt decided that to be “officially recognized,” student groups had to disavow any requirement that their officers believe that sex should be confined to marriage.

Many Christian ministries were essentially kicked off campus.  But that was okay because those beliefs were “discriminatory” toward gay students, violating the University’s non-discrimination policy.

With such a policy in place, why are gay students complaining?  Because they know that fraternities routinely cite “personality differences” as a reason to exclude them, and the university hasn’t done anything about it. And it probably won’t, because fraternity life, not the presence of Christian ministries, is more important to campus life

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