Don’t Let Your Liberal Friends Know!

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You can be as mum as you want, but eventually the word will get out. And political liberals in Tennessee just flat aren’t going to like having the truth told. Monday will be the beginning.

Monday will be the “beginning” of possible liberal hysteria in Tennessee because next Monday, September 12th, FACT’s President, David Fowler, an attorney and former state Senator and college instructor, will start telling tens of thousands of Tennesseans the truth about America’s form of government through WTN University. And wherever you live, you can be a part of every class … and get the truth for yourself.

WTN University is open to every Tennessean with access to either the internet or the radio, and if you’re reading this e-mail, that means you! WTN University will be part of the Michael DelGiorno show each Monday beginning September 12, from 10 a.m. (CDT) until 11:00, and you can find it in the Middle Tennessee listening area by tuning in to 99.7 FM or, if you’re outside the area, by listening online at this link. And if you can’t get to class on time, don’t sweat it—you can download the commercial-free podcasts later that day.

Home school families, this is the “civics” class you’ve been looking for: information put in the context of real life political stories, class notes for review, and tests you can download and take in order to earn your WTN University diploma.

So tune in next Monday. And you really don’t have to be mum; let your friends know. It’s time that people all over Tennessee know the truth about what our Founding Fathers envisioned. And just perhaps, if we’re better informed, we can get our country back on track.

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