Atheists Shoot Down ‘Adopt-a-Cop’ Program

Atheists Shoot Down ‘Adopt-a-Cop’ Program (December 15, 2015)

With all the tensions surrounding law enforcement these days, what could be better than the Johnson City, Tennessee, police department advising its office of the “Adopt a Cop” program that allows officers to voluntarily sign up for prayer by those who volunteer to pray for them?

Well, plenty according to a recent letter from the Freedom from Religion Foundation demanding that the program be stopped as a violation of the establishment clause. While that is offensive enough, what’s worse is the disdain the Foundation shows for prayer. Its spokesman said it was not “appropriate” for the police department to participate in “a religious program that is not actually providing any protection for your officers, but only wishing for it in the form of Christian prayers.”

Sounds like the police department needs to adopt a “pray for atheists” program instead.

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