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Beyond the 13 survey questions we asked each candidate on our voter guides, each candidate who answered the survey was given the opportunity, if they so chose, to respond to the following five essay questions in 300 words or less. On this page are the specific candidate’s answers. If a candidate answered some, but not all, of the questions, each unanswered question is marked as “No answer was provided.”

Question 1:

Explain your view of state government’s role in relation to economic growth and/or job creation.


The State of Tennessee has one responsibility in relation to economic growth and/or job creation: provide an environment that is conducive for economic growth and job creation within the private sector. Government does not create jobs; it’s businesses and individuals that create jobs and economic growth. The key to providing this environment is to maintain or reduce taxes of all types, maintain a balanced budget that signals economic stability and responsibility to current and potential businesses and citizens, and maintain, or preferably, reduce the regulatory burdens over which the State has control.

Question 2:

What particular regulations of abortion would you support or oppose and why?


I would support:

Licensing and inspecting abortion facilities—The former physician Kermit Gosnell determined the need for such regulation.

Informed consent and mandatory ultrasound—Modern science continues to vindicate the life of an unborn child and any abortion sought without understanding of the permanence and significance of the baby’s life that will be ending can be considered uninformed.

Absolutely no taxpayer funding for abortion—No tax dollars should be spent on abortion procedures because of the ethical, moral, and religious objection of numerous taxpayers.

Emboldening parental consent—The parents or guardians of young women should be involved in the decision to receive an abortion as a moral adviser and as a contentious observer of the activities associated with this decision.

Late-term abortion in hospital setting—Late-term abortion procedures are subject to major medical risk and can require invasive surgical procedures, making them suited for a hospital environment only.

Ban on partial-birth abortion—Modern medical technology continues to provide evidence that unborn babies can feel and respond to pain. This procedure is so barbaric and gruesome that I cannot describe it as anything other than premeditated infanticide of the worst variety.

Question 3:

Do you believe parent(s) or government have the primary and ultimate responsibility for the education of children? Please provide at least one example that you believe demonstrates what you mean.


Parents are the ultimate authority of every facet of their underage child’s life unless that parent has proven themselves unworthy of that right by a court of law. This ultimate authority includes, but is not limited to, the responsibility of educating children.

As a product of public education, I recognize that parents (as the majority of parents do in Tennessee) may choose to utilize the public school system that is provided to students, if they so choose. I do not, however, think that parents should be bound to this outlet of education for their children if the parents are able to furnish other modes of education, including home-school, private, or parochial education.

Question 4:

What is one of the most satisfying things you have ever accomplished and what made it so satisfying to you?


Salvation, marriage, and having a family are the most satisfying accomplishments of my life.

I’ll choose to speak about having a family. As the core nucleus of the social model that God designed, family is the most sacred of all corporate institutions. I knew from an early age that I wanted to have a wife and children so that I could fulfill my main purpose in life; to demonstrate the love of God, which He demonstrated to me. I find more joy and fulfillment in my wife and children than any other earthly source. I have watched mine and wife’s love grow stronger over these last 10 years of marriage, and now I get to see my children grow physically, mentally, and spiritually; I know of no other accomplishment that could come close to the satisfaction that they have brought to me.

Question 5:

What personal qualities or experiences do you think will define the nature of your service, if elected, and why do you think they are important?


My previous four years in office and my next two years if I am re-elected are defined by my iron-clad defense of personal liberty, fiscal accountability, limited government, classical economic and free-market philosophy, traditional family values, and my love of all thing agricultural.

Each of these qualities is important and pertinent to our modern society, which seems to be drifting away from many of these fundamental values. I am relentless in protecting these aforementioned views and values because I know that they have helped guide the United States of America into the most prosperous, generous, and exceptional country to ever exist on the face of this earth. I recognize from my study of past cultures, that significant deviation from these ideals will result in a nation that is much weaker economically, morally, and militarily.

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