What is more under attack than the right to life?

Over the next several days, thousands of Tennesseans and our fellow Americans will gather at courthouses, outside abortion clinics, and in their churches in solemn remembrance of the fact that abortion is a bloody stain on the history of this great nation. Those who gather know that abortion is a blight on the future of our nation if we allow it to persist as a constitutional right as if abortion is somehow a fundamental tenet of this great Republic.

But the truth is, abortion is contrary to one of the great foundational principles of our Republic as expressed in our Nation’s charter, the Declaration of Independence, which asserts that all men have been endowed by the Creator with the inalienable right to life – the first right upon which the ability to exercise all other rights depends.
And as an assault upon a foundational principal, we cannot help but ponder the unanswerable question posed by the Psalmist, “If the foundations be destroyed, what will the righteous do?”

As much as I believe abortion is an attack upon a foundational, fundamental premise of our Nation, I believe there is something even more foundational under attack than even the assault on the right to life that abortion represents.  And I submit that abortion has become a symbol of a much more serious issue.  I believe there is a “spirit” underlying abortion today that represents more than an attack upon the sacredness of life, represents more than an attack upon the image of Himself that God has infused into the very nature of mankind.

I believe that abortion today has become as much tied to sexual liberation as it was earlier tied to eugenics.  In other words, it is part of what I might call “post-modern sexuality.”

[pullquote1 align=”right” variation=”blue”]…a postmodern view of human sexuality is a view that there is no “order” to human sexuality, no boundaries, no limits that define what it is or how it is to be expressed.[/pullquote1]

By “post-modern” I mean a belief that there is no larger story that explains the world, why it is the way it is, that pulls everything together and helps us make sense of it all. Thus, a postmodern view of human sexuality is a view that there is no “order” to human sexuality, no boundaries, no limits that define what it is or how it is to be expressed.

It is here that we need to see abortion for what it has become in a promiscuous culture. It is, for the promiscuous person who winds up with an unplanned pregnancy, his or her savior.  It is a way to remove the consequences of promiscuity and to allow sexuality to be expressed outside the boundaries of marriage without the restraint that bearing children would naturally serve.

When we see this, we realize that this spirit that shakes its fist at God’s design for human sexuality is the same spirit from which springs the growing homosexual movement and the acceptance of homosexual conduct as just another alternative way of expressing human sexuality.

It is the spring from which our thirst for pornography and “adult entertainment” flows.  It is the spring from which flows our adultery, an act that says to God, “I will not honor the boundary you have set for marriage.”

All of these things flow from a post-modern view of human sexuality and what I have come to see as nothing less than rebellion against God Himself.  And when I think in these terms, I’m reminded how often we Christians lament and condemn abortion and homosexual conduct but pass silently by the rebellion that reigns within our churches with respect to pornography and adultery and heterosexual promiscuity.

So what is under attack in America today that is more grave than the attack on life?  It is the attack on the Creator Himself.  And when the Creator is under attack, when His reality is denied, when His boundaries are ignored and thrown on the scrap heap of history, is it any wonder that life would be under attack?  For what makes life so special, so sacred that it deserves to be protected if it comes not from a Creator but some primordial slime?

We had better wake up to the larger battle being waged for the minds of Americans.  We’d better find the courage of our convictions.

Yes, we need to stand against abortion.  Yes, we need to do all within our power to make sure that abortion does not remain a federal and state constitutional right.  But we need to understand that what is under attack in America is more than the principle of life itself.  It is the Creator God who has established a moral order to the universe.

And if we do not rise to defend that principle, then in time, all other principles will be lost with it.

David Fowler