It’s wonderful to share with you some of the great things FACT was able to accomplish through God’s grace and your personal financial and prayer support. We know we are accountable to God for what we do and how we use your resources, but we also want to be accountable to you. We want you to invest in our ministry with the confidence that you are being a good steward.

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Five-Thousand-Plus Miles Just for You!

DavidFowler-SFTknox-speakingDuring just the first quarter of this year, FACT President David Fowler traveled more than 5,500 miles across our state, telling Tennesseans about the issues facing families in our state and how to think more Biblically about them. At the start of the legislative session, we held our annual State Legislative Issues Briefings in Memphis, Jackson, Clarksville, Brentwood, Murfreesboro,
Chattanooga, Knoxville, and the Tri-Cities. Then the rest of the year, thousands more miles were logged speaking to churches and other organizations about Amendment 1.

To equip more Tennesseans with the tools they need to engage their friends and neighbors on the issues of marriage, life, and religious liberty, we hosted three of our popular Stand for Truth Seminars in Memphis, Clarksville, and Knoxville. Through the active work of our friends in Clarksville, we had a record attendance of more than 100 participants!

Helping Chattanooga Vote Right

Last year, Chattanooga’s city council passed an ordinance that provided domestic partnership benefits to city employees in unmarriedhomosexual or heterosexual relationships. Thanks to your support, FACT was in a position to call citizens together to pray when the news first broke and then helped support the local community in a petition drive to repeal the ordinance. Chattanoogans voted in August to repeal the ordinance, 63% to 37%! A great win for marriage in our state!

Saving the Unborn in Tennessee

Abby-Amend1In addition to our work as part of a coalition supporting Amendment 1, FACT spent countless hours informing voters about Amendment 1 through direct mail, emails and action alerts, literature, video, Web and social media, and a large-scale rally in Memphis with former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Abby Johnson. When certain individuals with expertise and resources asked us to work with them, we were ready to help, using our systems and team members to help them put over $600,000 into multiple types of communications targeting over 500,000 evangelicals in Tennessee.

Massive Voter Education Efforts Pay Off

This year we went beyond our traditional efforts to provide you with our user-friendly Voter Guides based on our survey of candidates in contested state House and Senate races. We added to it the answers candidates gave to our optional, five-question survey, which provided a more complete picture of each candidate. Plus, we also offered our incumbent Scorecards in a fresh new format. Going the extra mile for you, we were the only organization in the state to survey the three Supreme Court Justices standing for retention election in August.

VoterEd-screenshotsBecause of your generosity, in July we reached more than 17,000 pro-family, pro-life voters in ten key districts multiple times by driving them to our online Voter Education Headquarters through phone calls from Congressman Marsha Blackburn and Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council (FRC), and through emails we coordinated with our allies at Focus on the Family, CitizenLink, and FRC. Plus, we ran a successful Facebook ad campaign that drove thousands of people to our website. Our efforts were so successful that in July, our Voter Education Headquarters had the most views in one month of any webpage in our eight-year history! These records were shattered in October by our efforts on Amendment 1.

Defending Marriage and Life

During its eight-year existence, FACT has been blessed to lead the effort to amend our state constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman and to work on the Amendment 1 campaign to protect life. Litigation threatens both of those Biblical values.

This year, FACT secured the support of 54 state legislators in submitting a friend of the court brief to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in defense of our marriage amendment. And, prior to the oral arguments, FACT joined its counterparts in Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio in developing a statewide “Four Days of Prayer for Marriage” effort in the four days leading up to the oral arguments in the case. Our marriage laws were upheld!

On the heels of that victory, the state Court of Appeals handed down a victory for God’s design for human sexuality. The Court upheld a first-in-the-nation law that FACT brought to and championed through the legislature in 2011. The law prohibited local governments from creating new protected classes of citizens, not covered by state law, and then requiring private business to grant them special protections. These kinds of local laws are what the “gay rights” agenda has used to force their view of human sexuality on the private sector. Now that an appellate court has upheld that law, we are proud to report that three other states are now asking for our resource materials to pursue such laws in their state!

A lawsuit was filed to prevent Amendment 1 from being added to our state constitution. FACT has been working with leaders across the state to ensure that the vote of the people is upheld.

We Need Your Support!

Your support helped make possible these victories, but there is much more to do to bring about a culture in Tennessee that honors marriage, strengthens families, cherishes life, and values religious liberty. As we move into 2015, we look forward to your continued partnership in our work through your financial resources, prayers, and involvement.